What is “The Trousered Ape”?

Well, it’s exactly as it sounds! Most times, especially when I’m using technology, I feel like an ape wearing trousers. It’s a self-proclaimed nickname, and I can’t say I’m super proud of it.

Regardless, it’s the truth, and I’m going to use this blog as a funny way to document my usage of technology. Many of the times, it will be failures of mine. That’s alright, I can laugh about it! I just hope you can too. :-)

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this while I put together some of the details about my own issues:

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Avoiding Annoying Errors – My 2 Steps

It is hard to remember a time when computers were not part of our lives. They have become such a useful item in our homes. In fact, many people have used computers to replace televisions and other common items in their homes. But, the sad part is that computers do fail. It is not a question of if, but when they will fail – especially if you’re a “trousered ape” like me. But, there are still some things you can do to delay the inevitable. And, there are other things you can do to be prepared for when it happens. This article will talk about a few things you need to expect when using your computer and what you can do to deal with them.


Avoid Losing Your Files!



It’s a just a fact that you will lose important data at some point with your computer. This could be due to a drive failure, a virus or human error. It happens to the best of us. And, since more people are storing important items like pictures, financial records, etc. on their computers, the consequences have become more serious of it is lost.


Since you know this is something that will happen, you need to be prepared for it. The best way to prepare for data loss is to backup the data. This can easily be done by purchasing a second hard drive and copying important data to it on a regular basis. Then, if the source hard drive gets corrupted in some way, you can recover from the loss.


But, what happens if the home or business gets destroyed? That is another valid concern. The best solution is to also have some sort of offsite backup solution. There are many vendors offering offsite backup solutions these days for low monthly fees. Some of the popular ones include OneDrive by Microsoft, DropBox, Amazon S3 and others.


One of the common errors that causes data loss is with the dwm.exe file. If you need help fixing the dwm virus, make sure your computer is updated before you proceed.


Hackers & Viruses Are Coming After You


Many people think hackers and viruses exist to go after large corporations or government agencies. This simply is not the case. Many viruses and hackers rely on numbers. The more people they impact, the more damage they do or more money they make.


Therefore, it is important to protect yourself by applying measures to your computer. The best thing you can do is to buy anti-virus software. This software runs in the background of your PC and scans all incoming files for issues. If it detects something it will alert you or clean the file automatically. I have links to free ones on my Helpful Links page.


Having anti-virus software is a must in these times. But, keeping it updated is just as important. An outdated anti-virus application will miss many malicious files and give you a false sense of security.


These are two major issues that you will need to be aware of when using a computer. Computers are very useful, but they can prove to be very frustrating if they fail. We have so much tied up inside them that when they fail it can impact our lives significantly. It is important to have fall back plans and methods to protect the information stored on them.


Other Common Files To Be Cautious About


While I mentioned the dwm.exe file above, some other executable files are known for causing errors as well. These files are the csrss process and the spoolsv process. The csrss.exe file is almost always running on your system, and the spoolsv.exe file runs when you need to print something. Most people think that removing csrss.exe will fix the issue. This is the wrong thing to do! It’s a system file, so do not do it! Similarly, many users have said the spoolsv process virus needs to be removed too. If you do remove spoolsv.exe,  you will lose your ability to print – just remember that!


Hopefully this article sheds a bit of light on the 2 ways you can protect your data and your sanity.

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